Welcome to my web site. Find out more about me and this site here.


Most of my are projects currently electronics based, with the Open Source Arduino prototyping platform at the heart of them. If you like, take a look at the projects I play with in my, somewhat limited, spare time.

Arduino Pro Mini 5v

An Arduino Pro Mini 5v - currently the beast I base many a project on.

Cloud detection

I have always taken an interest in clouds, whether observing, photographing or just reading about them. This project looks at measuring the amount of cloud cover over a hypothetical astronomical observation site. Please go here for my series on cloud detection.

Soil Temperature

This series has been prompted by some previous work to send general weather data from a personal weather station to the UK's Met Office. It follows a project to measure soil temperature at different depths in the ground. Click here for further information on this work.

Weather Report

Both the above projects' data output are summarised on a separate Github Pages hosted site called Weather Report.


I am maintaining a rather sparse blog right here which has my non-project related items and general ramblings.